Films & Descriptions

Featured Films in the 2018 Port Orchard Film Festival



Directed by Kazuya Ashizawa

Just before the performance, a single pianist is trembling with tension in the sleeve of the stage. Will recitals succeed?



Directed by Josephine Massarella

Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using single frame photography, 165708 employs in-camera techniques and chemical manipulation of processed film to produce an eidetic study of temporal elasticity.

64 Bits.jpg

64 Bits- Animated Shorts

Directed by Niels Beekes, Niels Koper, and Ryan van der Gouw

A collection of 6 animated video game parodies.

A Brave Lamenet.jpg

A Brave Lament

Director: Bryan Tucker

After losing their first child to stillbirth, therapists Andrew and Christy only knew one way to grieve: loud and outwardly. Though their son Brave never took his first breath, his death and their exposed grief has echoed throughout a close-knit community ever since that tragic day.

A Room.jpg

‘A Room’

Directed by Chong Ming

A man has changed another job in order to make more money to marry his fianceé. One day he discovers a secret of a certain room in his company. This secret, which only appears after he gets off work, has changed their relationship forever.

Adolf Silverstein

Directed by James Sunshine

A busy, professional (and undead) father must learn the value of family and how to put his wife and son before his career... his extremely unconventional and horrifying career.

After School

Directed by Gisela Nadasy

Two couples meet at their children's school one night to plan a class outing. But things take an unexpected turn when they end up playing “spin the bottle” instead and become kids themselves

Another Man's Treasure.jpg

Another Man’s Treasure

Directed by Steve Stolee

Another Man's Treasure is an investigation of the biggest rummage sale in the world along with a meditation on the powers and pleasures of possessions. The Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale is an annual one-day event started in 1960 and has evolved into one of the most successful charity fund-raisers ever.


Directed by Kyle Carver and Dan Larson

App Applegate envisioned a boat he could sail from Orcas Island to Cuba. Tucked in the forest on Mt. Picket, 400’ above Obstruction Pass, the “Aproximada” began to slowly take shape. As word spread, visitors began to flock to this modern day Noah's Ark. In a sense, App’s travels had already begun.


Directed by Ryan Sudds

Audrey Jerome started bowling in 1947 at the Grandview Lanes. She still bowls there today. Her average is 158. This is her story.

(A)utomated (I)rritation

Directed by Ali Presley Paras

A man struggles to make breakfast in a kitchen filled with appliances with a mind of their own.



Directed by Ben Johnson

An apathetic young woman and her boyfriend start to chafe against their remote highway haunt after making a brief but powerful connection with an open-hearted drifter.

Barking Brave.png

Barking Brave

Directed by Matthew Kirkman

A 6-year-old girl, armed with her wild imagination, must battle the bite of her confining cynophobia.

Big Operations.png

Big Operation

Directed by Dandrell Scott

A doctor makes a drastic mistake during a surgery routine.

The Blind Center.jpg

The Blind Center

Directed by Timothy Cruz

In this offbeat mockumentary, outtakes from a fundraising video for a community center for the blind reveal a surprising story of what the camera captured before the final edit.


Directed by Randy Kerr

Set in the Pacific Northwest, three brothers find refuge and redemption from a troubled home through their love of fly fishing for steelhead and the enduring relationships they forge on the river.

Chiuahua Man!.jpg

Chihuahua Man

Directed by Sam Casserly

It's Christmas Day and Chloe is meeting her future father-in-law for the first time. Little does she know, he has a condition that will turn Christmas lunch upside down!



Directed by Austin Rodgers

Alex, an ex-druggie, is faced with an ultimatum when his mentally-handicapped brother's institution director informs him of troubling news. In the end, it’s your choices that matter most.

Coffee Notes.png

Coffee Notes

Directed by Peter Jacobs

A young cello player and his aging mentor share a breakthrough of creative expression.


Directed by Joshua Wagner

A guy's attempt at a New Years Eve midnight kiss turns into an unexpected surprise.

Date Night.jpg

Date Night

Directed by Scott Linson

Two people go out on a date; only to discover that dating sure isn't what it used to be…



Directed by Michael Dzyban

Crossed wires and mistaken identities lead the world to believe him dead. Anthony Spiegelman is out to prove he's not, but not being dead is just the first thing to go out of hand for him today.

Dream of Shushu

Directed by Claire Couson

In China, tofu is a meal to be shared. while our animated tofus are being eaten from a plate, the viewer will get privileged insight in the life of three passionate woman who are the beating heart of Jianshui.


Directed by Matt Esteron

In 2197, Ridley, the "first true" sentient robot, is stranded on a desert planet, searching for his Omni drive, hunted by scavengers, haunted by his memories.

Eggs and Soldiers.jpg

Eggs & Soldiers

Directed by Imelda O'Reilly

A single Irish Dad forgets the tree on Christmas Eve. Ned, the older son's humanity is challenged when he risks everything to give his younger brother Marco a real Irish Christmas.


Directed by Justin Robert Vinall

An affable caretaker watches over a deeply ill young woman only to discover a far more sinister force revealing itself.

Follow The River.jpg

Follow the River

Directed by Rachel Noll

A desperate young woman shoots her fiancé at the altar and escapes into the desert, finding unlikely salvation in the man hunting her down.

God is American

Directed by Richard Martin Jordan

Since the end of World War II, the people of Tanna, a remote island in the South Pacific in the archepelago of Vanuatu, idolize an American prophet. His name is John Frum. The islanders believe he is an American pilot that returned to the United States after the war, and will come back to Tanna with riches from the US that they call the Cargo.

Going Outside

Directed by Curtis Randolph

Trav has never left his home town. He decides to use his 2 week vacation to walk out with nothing but a backpack and see what happens.



Directed by Jeremy Lee Camp

As one of the six pieces in the video art collection Color TV, Green explores the emotion behind a new relationship.

I'm Here

Directed by Joseph G Ptasnik

A struggling actor returns to Seattle to be with his dying dad one last time, but when a life changing opportunity arises that calls him back to LA, he must decide between his Dad and his dream.

Journey Of A Yes.jpg

Journey of a Yes

Directed by Caleb Chamberlain

When one yes becomes so much more. Follow the story of one woman's "yes" and how it impacts the nation of Haiti.


Directed by Ninaad Kulkarni

KCLOC is a 3D animated documentary on people’s perceptions of time. A selection of brief interviews provide the voices for ten meticulously designed CGI clock characters, in a variety of real-world settings, as they respond to a single question: “What does time mean to you?”

Knife- Bricker: The Brickening

Directed by Jack Culbertson

Mother, the night is cold. As steel. As a...steel knife. Father, the streets are hard. As a rock. As a...rock brick. I am the cold hard night for which Crime dresses warmly as it fears the name of... Knife-Bricker!

Little Rebel.png

Little Rebel

Directed by Aimie Vallat and Guido Ronge

Little Rebel is about Isatou Jallow — a remarkable West African woman from The Gambia, and now Seattle resident. Dimensions of Isatou’s epic journey—from her origins and physical hardships to scholarship, becoming a lawyer and leader, demonstrating an ultimate resiliency and altruism— are deeply human, harrowing, transcendent, tenacious…and part of the American immigrant story.

Lovely Legs

Directed by Abby Thompson

A short sci-fi drama about a broken man and his desperate attempt to dispose of his secret robot companion.



Directed by Mahee Merica

Crystal lives with her mentally unstable brother John. Yet, he becomes more and more aggressive towards Crystal who believes that it is due to reminiscences of his crime. She thus has to fall back on a hypnotist to change John's memory.

Missing Kitty.jpg

Missing Kitty

Directed by Lenni Uitto

A girl and her brother go in search of their missing kitty...The girl soon becomes the victim of a twisted kidnapping, trapped in the basement of a mentally deranged man.

Mercy Marie

Music Video directed by Ernie Smith

Performed by Jehova Waitresses.

Goon Years.png

Light Thieves - Goon Years

Music video directed by Chris Mathews Jr.

Performed by The Shows

Forty Miles To Macon.jpg

Forty Miles to Macon

Music video directed by Daniel Espeut

Performed by Tyler Goforth

Mos Generator.jpg

Mos Generator- Catspaw

Music video directed by Chris Mathews, Jr.

Performed by Mos Generator

We the People

Music video directed by Jeremy Mowery

Performed by JAMOW

State of Aggression.jpg

State of Aggression

Music video directed by Dalepatrick Frost

Performed by Jesus Wears Armani

Bathed in Sunlight by Fort

Music video directed by Jon Black

Performed by Fort Atlantic

Dead Oasis.png

Dead Oasis

Music video directed by Katherine Grace Murphy

North & Nowhere

Directed by Scott Ballard

A girl, a gun and a last chance

Por Mi Madre

Directed by Antonio Asencio


Directed by Tiger Ji

A lonely young man believes that the only way to find joy is to run away to Pluto.



Directed by David Finkelstein

A young woman is forced to live with an unsympathetic stepmother, and spends much of her time in an outhouse, escaping into books and her own vivid fantasy life.



Directed by Shayna Connelly

Suzanne’s grief transcends the boundaries of the natural world and arouses a primordial being. She courts this ghost, using intellect and desire to forge a union between them.


Directed by Kit Wilson

Two sisters return home for their father's funeral, only to discover hidden relics within a deserted house that explain unknown family secrets.

Rose Colored Shades.jpg

Rose Colored Shades

Directed by Randy Sparks

“Rose Colored Shades” combines elements of gritty film noir and dark comedy to tell the story of a self-destructive hit man who must choose between love and the lure of a mysterious stranger who would add to his body count. “Shades” is a hard-boiled tale of murder, mayhem and the merits of prescription eyeglasses, shot on location in Seattle and Tacoma in Washington’s scenic Puget Sound region.

Saturn Returns

Directed by Shawn Tolleson

Five college friends on the cusp of 30 reunite for a wedding weekend. When their long-lost sixth friend - the former best friend of the groom and soul mate of the bride - shows up uninvited and unexpected, they are each forced to reexamine their lives and choices.

The Scary Ham

Directed by Sue Mroz

Two middle-aged sisters sorting through 50 years' worth of family memorabilia reconnect, as they contend with their late father's beloved ham.


Directed by Christopher Dobbs Jr.

Sea-Tectives (2017) is an animated short film about a duo of deep sea detectives in an underwater city. Fish are vanishing throughout the city and it is up to Charlemagne Clawes (a lobster) and Orville Sinclair (a clam) to save the day.

Semi Iconic: The Ballad of Dick Rossetti

Directed by Isaac Olsen

Seattle trio Squirt were one of the best, most criminally overlooked indie bands to surface during the waning years of the grunge era. Tacoma filmmaker Isaac Olsen's sharp documentary covers Squirt frontman Dick Rossetti's life with a ragged energy worthy of its caustically witty subject, touching on Rossetti's stints in scores of other bands and his memorable tenure as one of Seattle alt-rock radio station 107.7 The End's most beloved DJs.


Directed by Yiannis Biliris

During the era of technological singularity, machine learning algorithms will seek to learn from our data with exponential speed.

Smokiam: Calling the Healing Waters

Directed by John Carter

A small town garden club commission the construction of a beautiful sculpture that would unite their community and bring two nations back together.


Directed by Zach Boone

A teen looks for other survivors as he wonders if he is the last person left on earth.

The Squealer.jpg

The Squealer

Directed by William Sparks

An activist organizer has been exposed as a provocateur working for the government. His deceit has sent two of his fellow activists to prison. After spending a year under the witness protection program he wants to redeem his actions in the eyes of the movement.

Stories After The Storm.png

Stories After the Storm

Directed by Kacey Cherry

After the camera crews have migrated and the national attention diverted, those in the aftermath of one of the United States' worst climate disasters begin to pick up the pieces as their story just begins. Filmed in a single day by a one-woman band, Houstonians reflect on what has been lost and gained amidst the devastation.


Directed by Arika Cullen

A bowling alley attendant struggles with PTSD from his own childhood when he encounters a little girl that he suspects is being abused by her father.

Struggling Girls.jpg

Struggling Girls

Directed by Yu Hung-Yi

Tsai Huiling, a nameless model who is about to turn 30, is a close friend of two university students studying journalism, Wu Yuting and Chiang A Mei. Three distinct personalities and the complicated world of performing arts have changed the relationship between the three.



Directed by Shia Labeouf, Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkkö

LaBeouf, Rönkkö and Turner embark on a month-long project to hitchhike the internet, posting their coordinates online each day and waiting for a ride, with their path entirely in the hands of the public.

Theory of Everything.png

Theory of Relativity

Directed by Yiannis Biliris

There is no effect used, only camera movements together with stabilization techniques. The film has been shot in Hong Kong. Inspired by the Theory of Relativity from Albert Einstein.

Til Death Do Us Part

Directed by Immanuel Baldwin

When tragedy strikes a young couple, insanity and heartache drive them apart; they must rediscover the love they once had, or risk losing it all.

The Turtles are always Here 11:46

Directed by Rawane Nassif

Houses have memories too. They hide them under their windowsills, tuck them in layers of paint and whisper them to birds passing by. I wonder whose memories will they keep. To live is to leave a trace behind, so I try. But these houses are constantly cleaned, watched and protected. So I caress them instead, and I film them, lest I forget.

Two by 4.png

Two by 4

Directed by Ian Bondurant

A young tree attends its first day of public high school.


Directed by Martín Klein

Overwhelmed by pain, a woman must face her past or fall down definitely.

We Belong Here

Directed by Laura Wilson

We Belong Here is a dramatic thriller that explores the possibility of reincarnation. After suffering a head injury, a young man begins to experience horrific nightmares that oddly relate to an elderly man he just met.

What's that in the Ground

Directed by Wally Chung

When you want one thing, sometimes you get the complete opposite or something worse.

When the Rabbit’s Nose Twitches .jpg

When the Rabbit’s Nose Twitches

Directed by Janelle VanderKelen

Elaine de Kooning's musings from the other side.


Directed by Daniel James

You can't outrun the ghosts of your past. Jessica is tormented by the ghost of a little girl, that threatens both her relationship with her boyfriend Mike, and her very way of life.

You are You

Directed by Carmen Gómez Peralta

Chance leads Valentina, a girl going through emotional turmoil, to a place where she becomes involved in a Christmas charity campaign. Here the small world she finds brings up past experiences that unravel her emotional dilemma.


Directed by Philipp Zahn and Benjamin Kremer

Claire, a recent high school graduate, still tries to find herself while having to face the expectations her family and friends have set in her.