2018 Special guest


Joe Bob Briggs

Joe Bob Briggs is the comedic alter ego of John Bloom. Born and raised in the south, he made

the persona of a drive-in movie redneck critic while working for the Dallas Times Herald during the 80s. Doing reviews for exploitation flicks and other genre movies eventually lead to a one man show, “An Evening with Joe Bob Briggs.”


In 1986, he was tapped by The Movie Channel to host Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater which ran for

ten years. When TMC changed formats, the cable channel TNT picked up Joe Bob immediately.

Monstervision brought Joe Bob his largest audience and he soon became a household name during the 90s.


Following in the footsteps of other late night monster movie hosts, like Elvira and Svenghoulie, Joe Bob brought classic and obscure films with his own unique style, like the “Drive-In Totals,” where he'd highlight how many dead bodies, the number of weapons used, how many nude scenes (always complaining about the TNT censorship), and “fu”, a suffix to help describe the more noteworthy actions, such as “pool cue-fu” and “hockey-fu”, for example. Monstervision ended in 2000.


Since then, Joe Bob as written numerous movie review books, given talks at conventions as well as doing DVD commentary tracks for several exploitation classics.

When not in character, Joe Bob does more traditional investigative reporting under his own name. His most recent being the 2016 Amazon Best Book of the Year, “Eccentric Orbits.”